bart chronicles by marcell turner

San Francisco based photographer and film maker Marcell Turner has seen quite a lot of change in the city over the years. Here he shares a documentation on the city commuters on San Francisco's BART public transit.

"I've witnessed the city I once knew becoming something unfamiliar. I try to document the raw beauty in the city that is fading away behind the lens of my camera."
Why did you choose to document on the BART? The craziest things happen on BART. People are taking the train to get to and from work, going out to concerts, the see a lot of characters. Sometimes theres dancers, crazies, fights, and some real inappropriate shit. What is your favorite image you captured while on BART? There is this image of an old lady in red who's holding up the ticket line while she's trying to get through the entrance. The expressions of all the flustered and impatient city commuters was priceless while this lady has no idea how much she's holding things up. Ha.  

Who inspires you the most? There are many artists that I look up to but the one that motivates me the most is my son Christian. He is a young artist himself and is constantly pushing himself, asking questions and challenging his art with new mediums. He's only 10 but has a mind of a 30 year old. He's definitely an old soul. Where can we see more of your work? Instagram: @marcellturner Twitter: @marcellturner Vimeo: @marcelturner  

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