Seattle Animation Film Festival

6 weeks



The Challenge

To create a brand identity and advertising campaign for the Seattle Animation Film Festival. A festival geared towards families and young adults who enjoy playful animations reminiscent of their own childhood. 

The Approach

I drew inspiration from a childhood favorite animated film, "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland." In this old animated film, the line between Nemo's dreams and reality are blurred as both world's collide. I wanted to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in the viewers with a dreamy landscape, imaginative visuals, and warm cotton candy gradients. 

The mind and imagination is a powerful resource. In many instances, our thoughts can become reality. In the campaign I wanted to encourage the viewers to let their imagination unfold, to see where it can take you and the multiple perceptions you're capable of seeing things. 

To play up the idea of imagination unfolding, I created a logo for SAFF that reveals a different colored face at each fold. Accompanying the logo is Brandon Grotesque, a friendly typeface and appropriate for the target market at SAFF. I also took the typeface Billy and altered the type for a handwritten feel in some of the campaign advertisments. 

For advertising, large scale billboards were the most effective solution to reach a larger market. With many commuters residing outside Seattle and commuting to the city to work, it was a smart solution that could hit a greater audience.