Unscene Magazine

10 weeks

Art Direction
Web Design


Unscene Magazine is a platform for the underexposed. Geared towards creative males, Unscene is a quarterly publication that delivers highly curated content: unfiltered interviews, music, fashion and places under the mainstream radar.

The Approach

Unscene breaks away from the norm and stands out on the shelf with dimensions smaller than your standard magazine at 6.75 inches x 9 inches. It is meant to be an issue you want to collect to display on your bookcase along with the rest of your obscure magazine collection. To stay true to the raw nature of Unscene, all of the featured artists in the issue are personal friends of mine that I interviewed. The interview style is intentionally a candid and casual dialogue, filled with bold full bleed imagery.

Unscene is welcoming, open-minded, niche, artistic, and raw.

I broke up the magazine into three distinct sections: Currently, Process, and Discover. This allows the reader to easily flip through and locate the sections they wish to read with big bold text and featured artist imagery. 

As an extension of the magazine, I coded a website for Unscene on WordPress. The website features more content including artist interviews, online shop to purchase featured products in the print issue, stream and save the quarterly Spotify playlist, and to subscribe to a quarterly subscription. You can view the site here.