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Special Topics : Dating App Concept

This quarter for Special Topics I'm partnering up with my fellow talented peers, Caitlin Esworthy and Michael Woody. One of our design goals is to explore branding and brand strategy and make a large quarter long-project out of it. After several brainstorming sessions and tough debate on a few great concepts, we narrowed it down to one we felt would be the best fit for us at. Our concept is a mobile dating application that will help the users find tailored first date ideas. With the increase in online dating and a dependency on tech devices there is a lack of time for creativity in making that good first date impression. Today we met up for a little white boarding brainstorm session and honed in on defining our app and primary user.


Whiteboard Brainstorm Session: Defining the qualities of our brand, the user, and positioning.

The app’s primary function will be to assist people with finding resources to plan a creative and successful date by providing a comprehensive database that customizes the experience based on the user’s input.

Our primary users are broken down into two categories. The first type of user would be someone who has a date lined up but doesn’t quite know what to do next and needs to use our app to create the perfect date to move to the next level. The second type of user is someone who is already in a long term relationship but needs to reignite the spark in the relationship by finding a new creative date in our app.

We also put a lot of thought into defining what our brand IS and ISN'T and what our overall position is. In conclusion we felt our brand is 70% excitement and 30% competence. We thought about celebrity personas that reflect our brand as well and Max Greenfield from New Girl and Ellie Kemper from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came to mind if we could put some faces to it.

On Sunday we're going to meet again to create a timeline for our project and get more research done for the deliverables we want to include. Overall really excited about having full creative control on this project and can't wait to see what we create over these next 10 weeks.


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